Train Hard. Fight Harder.



Train Hard. Fight Harder.


Who is Ultra?

We are the largest (& multi award-winning) self-defence Krav Maga school in South East, UK. We teach self defence to students of all ages, faith, genders and fitness abilities – including children (See Ultra Juniors.)

We work hard on the ethos of threat neutralisation always focusing on the 100% threat. A large part of our training is focused on using your natural defensive manoeuvres to deal with a violent person – no boring kata’s or complex pattern to memorise, just realistic effective techniques. See video of one of our female Ultras performing a defence against an attacker armed with a stick lower down the page.

Although we encourage our students to avoid a confrontation, is unavoidable we set out to finish the confrontation as quick as possible. The saying “walk a mile to avoid a fight, but once one starts – don’t give an inch” sums this sentiment up perfectly.

Our techniques are based on real life dangerous situations and we train to cover every eventuality possible. Our training not only develops ones self-defence ability and confidence but also their fitness too – and all in a safe and harmonious and very friendly environment.

Read our student testimonials at the bottom of this page.

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga (Hebrew for Contact Combat) consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, Jujutsu, Wrestling, and Grappling, along with realistic fight training. Although we are not a traditional martial art we embrace and respect all forms of self-defence and self awareness.

Krav Maga teaches you how to prevent, avoid, deter, or deal with all kinds of violent threats and attacks, including those of which involve all forms of weapons.

Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks. It was derived from street-fighting skills developed by Hungarian-Israeli martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld.


Is Krav Maga for me?

Krav Maga does not require you to learn 100's of patterns, do 100 punches on a pad or kick a kick shield til you can't walk any more - infact Krav Maga is not even a martial art. Krav Maga is the world's only true self-defence system and focuses on simple - but high effective - techniques anyone can learn to perform. From punches to pistol threats, chokes to kicks, sword to bottle, abduction to multiple attackers - Krav Maga has a defence for everything, plus a whole host more.

Ultra Krav Maga allows you to train at your own pace, our instructors are experts at helping students reach their full potential with constructive feedback and enthusiastic encouragement. We will prepare you for every day situations to make sure you get home safely and in one piece at the same time getting you into fighting fit shape.


Train Hard. Fight Harder.


Team Ultra

Team Ultra


Chief Instructor

Marc Smith is the founder and Chief Instructor of Ultra Krav Maga. Marc has studied Krav Maga for 13 years reaching Expert level as well as being a fully qualified Fire Arms Special Tactics (F.A.S.T) Instructor & a Shooting Tactics Instructor too.  Marc teaches with an unrelenting passion, engagement and enthusiasm which is driven with the sole aim to help everyone be able to defend themselves (and their loved ones) in times of troubles – so as Imi Lichtenfeld once said “we can walk in peace’.

Marc has studied many forms of combat including Boxing, Judo and Taekwondo before discovering Krav Maga in 2005. Marc immediately fell in love with Krav Maga for its aggression, simplicity and effectiveness.

Marc started his Krav Maga journey with IKMF before moving to KMG – the global governing body of Krav Maga run by Eyal Yanilov to complete his practitioner grades. Upon doing so Marc was hand-selected to undertake the 28 days Intense KMG Instructor Course. After 28 grueling days under the guidance and teachings of Ilya Dunsky (Expert 4) Kvores Tal (Expert 5),  Zeev Cohen (Master 2) and Eyal Yanilov (Master Chief / founder) – Marc emerged with the joint top grade of G2 awarded by Eyal Yanilov himself.

In 2013 Marc successfully undertook his United Association Krav Maga Instructor diploma under the teachings of Tomasz Adamczyk – Chief Head Instructor of United Krav Maga World Association, before becoming the UK Director for CKMI (Combat Krav Maga Association) - widely regarded as the most modern and effective Krav Maga system created.

1-2-1 tuition is available from some of our instructors and covers the entire spectrum of self-defense and fitness to suit all levels of experience and fitness – ideal for those who wish to learn at their own pace privately. 

- Fire Arms Special Tactics (F.A.S.T) Instructor
- Shooting Tactic Instructor

Class Instructors

Andy Adama copy.jpg

Andrew Nixon

 Andy runs our Beginner/Intermediate High Wycombe Class and has trained in a couple of different forms of martial arts including Kickboxing & MMA. Andy started training in Krav Maga in 2015. He quickly
came to appreciate it’s simple, but brutally effective techniques. Andy is always looking to evolve and improve his techniques, himself and others. Andy is one of the most committed member of the Ultra Krav Maga family. Alan passed his D2 Assistant Instructors diploma Oct 2018.

Interesting fact: Andy was once mistaken for a member of the England Rugby Union Team at a rugby match at Twickenham where he signed autographs and  participated in a live radio interview. 

- Combat Krav Maga Instructor course 2017
- Ultra Krav Maga Instructor Course 2018
- Shooting Tactics Course Pt.1 2019

Alan James

Alan - or Adam Alan as he is known throughout the club runs our Beginner/Intermediate Beaconsfield Class and has been training in Krav Maga for over 8 years and studied under various associations including KMG, United and CKMI.

Adam has attended many specialist courses and seminars including a 7 days Winter Camp in Poland. Alan passed his D1 Assistant Instructors diploma
Oct 2018.

Interesting fact: Alan is the first ever student Marc ever trained and one of the original Ultra's.

- Krav Maga Poland Winter Camp 2016
- Ultra Krav Maga Instructor Course 2018


Assistant D1 Instructors

Assistant Instructors.jpg

Mariusz Marian. Gordon Visgandis. James Hardy.

Train Hard. Fight Harder.





Our students

Krav Maga is not aimed at any specific demographic - infact you can be of any age, race, gender or fitness level. Ultra Krav Maga is based on ones natural reactions making it very effective and easy to pick up, Ultra Krav Maga students build confidence and grow fitness levels in a safe and fun environment. Ultra Krav Maga is much more than just a club and probably why we are the fastest growing Krav Maga Club in the South East. We are much more than a club. See some of our students in action in the video below.


All reviews below can be found on Google plus lots more.

“I initially signed my 8 year old daughter up for the kids classes but after watching her for a few sessions I realised how useful the techniques she was being taught were, how well Marc was teaching her and most importantly how much she and the other kids we enjoying the classes. I decided to join the adult classes and was instantly made to feel welcome by the instructors and other Ultras. Everyone in the club is friendly and keen to help each other perfect the techniques. Marc is a superb instructor, with a genuine passion for making his students learn how to protect themselves. The techniques I have learnt so far have been excellent.” Matt

“Ultra Krav Maga is where you learn a skill for life to protect yourself and your loved ones and build ever lasting friendships. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you” Haleh

“Had my first session last night and enjoyed every minute of it, I was very nervous as I’ve not trained in years but I was made very welcome, the club is very friendly and the instructors very patient and with an excellent level of skill. Awesome club.” Ralph

“As a complete novice to self-defence/martial arts, I came in with zero experience and joined a band of students that have formed the core of the new Henley class. My goals as a 44 year old man: Get fit, lose some weight and learn to defend myself and potentially my family from the unexpected. So far I've lost 6 KG in weight, made some friends, learnt a ton of new skills and have loved every minute of Krav Maga so far. Have no illusions, it can be hard work and sometimes full-contact and brutal. However, I'm certain it's better to learn how to deal with this in training than facing it for the first time in a real encounter. If you want to develop your fitness, confidence and ability to defend yourself from attack, as a man or a woman, I thoroughly recommend getting involved. You will find a class full of friendly faces and learn invaluable skills that might one day save your life. Thumbs up to Marc as a very effective teacher who leads the class with efficiency and in a great spirit of passing on his knowledge and experience.” Mathew

Overall, the self defence techniques I learn in class help me to feel safer. I would recommend to any female who wants to learn how to avoid or deal with any violent threat." Rachel

"Thank you so much Marc and Ultra Krav Maga for providing a safe environment to learn such invaluable skills to defend against all manner of threats and attacks in all scenarios. Lessons are well-structured and tailored absolutely for reality. As a female, it’s especially empowering to realise that the techniques are truly effective against even the strongest and biggest built male members in the class! Everyone helps each other and there’s a really warm and family feel to the club. I love it!' Suzanne

"Great club, i’ve been attending for a while now and really do love it, unfortunately i can’t attend as often as i like due to work and all but whenever i go i am always welcomed, the guys go out of their way to help me and i always walk away learning something new and practical. Marc is amazing and very welcoming, would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn something practical and be part of a group that looks out for each other." Naveed

"Joined recently and loving it. I used to do kickboxing as a teenager and always wanted to try KM. Instructors are great with a good balance between discipline, guidance and teaching. The hospitality of the group has been second to none, very welcoming and made to feel like part of a family. 11/10 have already recommended to others" Scott

"Ever since we have joined ,our boys have had wonderful and fun experiences each time they have attended.Marc has taught them real life techniques in a fun and caring environment that we believe will keep them safe in this ever dangerous world and it has definitely helped them become more confident than ever.We believe they wouldn't have learnt these techniques anywhere else.We definitely 250% recommend for anyone thinking about joining." Huma

"My son 17 and my daughter 15 have trained with Ultra Krav Maga for almost a year now. It has been wonderful to watch them grow and develop their techniques, confidence and train with a very safe, approachable, supportive and friendly club" Kate

"I would recommend ultra Krav Maga to anyone interested in self defence. I’ve done a few years of karate and judo, but this is by far the best and most effective form of self defence I have come across." Edward

"My two boys started the child’s class last year. Having both trained in a TaeKwondo to black belt. Within weeks they both felt more confident to deal with real life situations and always come out of the lessons buzzing and talking non stop about what they have learnt. Having seen the enjoyment and encouragement Marc gives to children I decided to give it a go this year. From the first moment you can see the passion Marc has for Krav Maga. He’s happy to answer any question and spend the time going through the technique. This also goes for all the other students, who are more than willing to help and make you feel welcome and you instantly feel part of the Ultra Family. If you want to learn a real life self defence then there’s no better place than being one of Marc’s Ultras." Tim

"I recently joined this friendly and very professional team, who teach 4 times a week in my area, I am loving the classes that are run by helpful and encouraging teachers headed by Marc Smith who is passionate about teaching his craft to all ages. I get taught self defence, get fit, and learn with the nicest of people who work together and learn together...Thank you Marc and your Ultra family for making me so welcome. If you want to learn Krav Maga there is no better school to join than the Ultra Team.... HIGHLY recommend!!" Jane

"Krav Maga at Ultra isn't what I expected. It's not about fighting, it's about self awareness; understanding your surroundings, understanding threats, and understanding your response to those threats." Barry

"I joined this Krav Maga class due to my little sister being bullied. After years of torment and a school with a completely lax attitude I decided to look into self defence classes and came across ultra Krav Maga. We did our taster session and now we're hooked. Marc Ultras owner/class instructor is brilliant. His teaching methods are clear and easy to follow and he's always willing to help you if your struggling. No one gets left behind in class." Laura

"I was training few MA styles in few very best clubs f.e. BJJ/mma at Berserkers Team Poland ( best bjj/mma club in Poland) , Kick Boxing at Xen Do Martial Arts (Dai Master Rafael Nieto, 4 times British Champion, European and World Champion ) - great clubs great trainers ! but... for me Krav Maga is something more, it's system which took all the most effective techniques from many styles (bjj, jj, boxing, kb, tb, aikido, wrestling, judo etc.) add weapons, filtered everything by real life situations and created one super effective system which actually works on the street. I've got big respect for traditional martial arts but when I saw first time how easily aggressor with f.e. knife, baseball bat etc. can win fight with someone who achieved high level of traditional MMA I've changed my ideas about effectiveness of sports MA in real life situations.... For me Krav Maga is MMA (without sports rules) + weapons + mindset oriented on quickest way to overpower attacker (not just earning points like in traditional sports MA)maximum effects with minimum moves; effectiveness over attractiveness this is what I really love in Krav Maga! In Ultra Krav Maga Club I've found that everything – explosiveness of KM techniques given by Marc Smith - Ultra Krav Maga Chef instructor who inspired me from first training and his very well trained instructors and assistants. I`ve been trained here for 21 months already and I won’t change it for any other club! : )" Morris

"I've always been interested in self-defence so I tried Ultra Krav Maga and haven't looked back. You get top class instruction in how to defend yourself from real-life threats and attacks from experts, and a fantastic full body workout into the bargain. The instructors put a lot of effort into keeping classes relevant, interesting and varied. Give it a go, you won't regret it!" Tom

"I started Ultra Krav Maga last November with my 16 year old son, he really wanted me to join with him so I went along not really knowing quite what to expect. I'm so thrilled he did as I absolutely loved it straight from the beginning and go to two classes weekly, its an amazing club to be part of and everyone is so welcoming and supportive, our instructor Marc is very passionate about his training and very dedicated so each class is different, we learn different self defence techniques which are highly effective in any attack situation, after learning them now for a few months I've realised how important is for men, women and children to learn, especially in this day and age where knife attacks etc. are common. I feel much more relaxed with my son being out with his friends knowing he has knowledge of self defence. Apart from the serious side of the training the classes are also always fun and I haven't been to a class yet I haven't thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend Marc as an instructor and also Andrew who trains the Beaconsfield class on a Friday - THFH" Tara

“I recently joined the Ultras and have only the highest praise. Expert training by Marc, the lead instructor, and by his team. Friendly atmosphere and use of humour, but very purposeful approach to training. Varied membership, male, female, of all ages who are welcoming and supportive. I’d recommend Ultra Krav Maga to anyone wanting to learn in a professional environment, get some physical exercise and enjoy the experience.” John

“I joined Ultra 2 months ago and could not be happier. As a boy, I briefly practiced a popular martial art and had to stop. Now that 30 years later I am part of Ultra is a dream come true for me.
While Krav is not a martial art, there is art in it – the art of actually surviving in a real situation, and that’s what matters. And the way Marc teaches it at Ultra rocks; it is practical (there is no nonsense BS with Marc), effective, and fun. Marc has a lot of passion, patience and attention to detail – which is the right combination. And I feel it works. I remember how, on my second session, I was able to connect a defence and a counter in a meaningful way such that I felt I was making progress. The entire UKM club are super cool – very friendly when someone needs help, and very tough when we need to train.

Finally, I have a busy schedule, like anyone these days. And the fact that I can have the option to train at different locations on different days is priceless. I recall…I used to see the UKM logo in the Marlow Court Garden gym every time I went to the swimming pool with my little one during the last 3 years. No I wish I had signed up earlier. If you are between two minds, don’t delay, choose to join Ultra – it is totally worth it. I plan to sign my daughter up too, once she is a bit older. The UKM juniors have a great time with Marc and the team.” Vladimer

Train Hard. Fight Harder.