About our Ultra Kids Classes


In 2016, after a series of successful summer workshops - Ultra Krav Maga launched its NEW Ultra Kids class in Marlow, Bucks. Our objectives were simple:

• Teach realistic self-defence
• Teach anti-bullying techniques
• Build social and communication skills
• Grow confidence and build fitness
• Teach discipline and respect
• Beware of modern day dangers
• Identify, react and deal with serious situations
• Learn to use common objects in self-defence
• Understand Stranger Danger

Our classes are open to children from the ages of 7 to 15 – regardless of size, experience or fitness level.

Students are taught the necessary skills, techniques and awareness to deal with a multitude of everyday dangerous situations in a fun and safe environment. All techniques are based on ones natural reactions making Krav Maga not only the worlds most effective self-defence system but also the easiest to learn.

Since opening this class we have managed to help children over come hurdles they were unable to before,
see below for some of the parents testimonials for yourself.

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"Our three girls have been doing KravMaga with Marc for over two years now and not only look forward to the class every week but positively love it!  We could not ask for a better instructor who makes it fun, challenging and pushes the kids to think on their feet to prepare for and be able to deal with real life situations.  It is difficult to put a value on how much their street awareness and confidence has improved since taking Marc's class.  This class should required for every child." Julie parent to 10, 12 and 14 year olds

"You don't just step into a class when you get to Ultra, you join a family. The Ultra kids class has improved the confidence and fitness of both my daughter and son. My daughter used to get picked on at school and now she is respected and in some cases feared, she takes no abuse from anyone. My son is very shy but this has diminished after Ultra, he has found a new mentor in Marc and can't wait to come to class on a Sunday morning, he really mucks into the exercises and techniques. When he gets home her can't wait to show off his new moves to his Mom. I feel more confident and comfortable now that my children are better prepared to help themselves when my wife and I are not around to protect them should the need arise" Gordon, parent to 13 and 8 year olds

"After sampling horse riding, sewing, piano, cycling etc..each one being abandoned after a short while, due to swift onset of boredom, my 14 year old daughter found Krav Maga. At last, something actually got her out of bed and held her interest. She was learning something useful, keeping fit, meeting new friends and building her confidence. She stuck at it over 2 years, hardly missing a class, it was amazing! I highly recommend Marc's Kids Krav classes, for any size, fitness, age, gender etc...once in that room, they are equal and they all clearly love it! Marc's unique combination of teaching skills, subject skills, respect and humour - really engages them. Having watched many classes, I was always impressed at the very low turnover of children. Once they were part of it, they just kept coming back for more..." Neil, parent to 15 year old

"My son started training with Ultra Krav Maga kids a few years ago and was taught how to defend himself against common threats that kids face, such as bullying at school. It really boosted his self-confidence and was invaluable when some bigger kids started picking on him at school, he put the principles he was taught into action and the problem went away so it really works. It's the one activity he really looks forward to each week and won't miss." Tom, parent to 15 year old

"Ultra Krav Maga is family of individuals striving for the same thing. We train regularly and with intensity (advanced class) to continually better what we learn. It's unique, based on natural reactions and perfectly relevant for the society we live in today. The kids class is just as exciting as the adults which helps them build confidence and a strong sense of being. Without a doubt it's the best decision we've made and have now been part of the family for nearly 2.5 years". Abbos parent to 11 and 7 year old

Having grown up in London, I always wanted to make sure my kids were aware of the dangers and how to be able to react to situations that God forbid they might find themselves in. Whilst reflecting on my own childhood of various "Martial Arts" and realising that even though Judo and Karate are excellent disciplines, they are not necessarily "real world" defense against the myriad of situations that can arise in the street or schoolyard. When I realised that Krav Maga was being taught in my own backyard, I jumped at the opportunity to send my children. They have both been attending for well over a year, and I can honestly say that particularly for my son, he has gone from being a fairly meek and shy boy to having boundless confidence in himself and his abilities. I believe part of this is heavily due to Krav Maga. I cannot recommend Marc and Ultra Krav Maga highly enough, for anyone who is wanting to ensure their children are given the best chance possible to get themselves safely home" Charles parent to 7 and 9 year olds